How to Set Up a New Display

You can download the GoTops app, dependent on the operating system of the device, at the following:
Android -
Windows -
IOS - Use the Apple store and search "GoTops"
Step 1: On your Manager Dashboard, navigate to your Displays page then press +Add New Display System

Step 2: Choose the Display you are setting up and give it a name. 

POS Setup Only: Choose either a Main Display or a Customer Facing Display. (Click here to learn what a customer facing display is). 

Step 3: Once you have successfully set up a new display, you will see an activation code appear: 

Step 4: Choose your device type: 

Step 5: Input the activation code on your device: 

If you need an activation code for an existing device, press "reset code" next to the device you need a code for.

Updated on: 11/11/2022

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